What do the adults say?

I feel so lucky to have met Sally-Jayne. What makes her special is that besides being knowledgeable in her field, she is kind, patient and disciplined. With the framework of her lessons, she helps you get the highest efficiency with  topics that meet your needs. Why her? As a psychologist, I can say that her teaching method and the way she communicates with her students are very successful.
Ozlem Alici

Thank you so much for the help you give my daughter who finds maths a struggle. She has improved so much not just in her maths but in her confidence too. Can’t recommend you enough.

Sally-Jayne has been tutoring my son English. My son has improved so much under her tuition. She always comes well prepared and structures the sessions really well. She has been excellent and I would recommend her to anyone looking for a tutor.
Baldev Singh

I just wanted to say how pleased we are with Sally-Jayne. She has a lovely manner, has created a good bond with our daughter and as a result our daughter looks forward to her maths sessions. Sally-Jayne has understood clearly our daughter’s problem with maths and has built up her confidence in this subject. I would highly recommend her.
Cassy Mulpeter

Thank you so much for what you have done for both Molly and Max. I really appreciate the difference you have made. I also appreciate the support you have given to me, as no-one else I spoke to understood the finer details like you did. The effort you went to when working with Max was above and beyond what I would have expected.
Emma Summerfield

Sally-Jayne has been an integral and valued  part of the Subject Knowledge Enhancement (SKE) course  team in French at Newman University since 2012. She brings a wealth of classroom experience to the course as well as grammatical knowledge. Sally-Jayne is patient , encouraging and empathetic and always goes that extra mile to support her students. Our students from Spain particularly value her support as she guides them from one phonetic  system to another.
Elaine Pattison , SKE Course Leader, Newman University

Sally-Jayne has been a valuable member of our team for the last two years. She has worked with children across KS2, supporting in maths, reading and, more recently, grammar. Children make significant progress during their 1:1 sessions with her. She plans activities that are exciting, supportive and build up their confidence so that they can tackle problems independently. Children in Year 4 commented about how much they have learned: “I know all my times tables now. She teaches it in a fun way. Now I can pass my tests in class.” Children in Year 6 claim that she helped them to access the SATs tests. As a school we have recorded the impact of Sally-Jayne’s intervention with the children. We get great value for money and once the intervention has concluded, she gives concise notes and next steps to class teachers; supporting further progress for the children.
Mrs M Williams, Acting Headteacher, Perry Beeches Junior School

I have only known Sally-Jayne for a few weeks but I can already say that she is a truly motivated, patient, talented and well-organised teacher. She has taught me French for my PGCE course at Newman University and she has also shown me great strategies to help me pass the Numeracy and Literacy test. Her unique ways of teaching make learning fun and challenging at the same time. Also Sally-Jayne is extremely professional and patient. She has helped me enormously with different activities and most importantly she also manages to give you the confidence you need to overcome difficult tasks. It is with great pleasure that I can recommend Sally-Jayne as you will gain excellent support in every way you can– She is a rare diamond!
Annika Brasche-Craven, PGCE Student

Sally-Jayne has been a fantastic tutor guiding and supporting my 9 yr old and giving her the confidence she needed academically.  My daughter has increased her skills in reading and in spellings over a very short period of time which has given her the ability to increase her learning levels in school as well.  My daughter is now very keen to explore the avenue for 11+ with Sally-Jayne as her teaching style and approach has not been intimidating and off-putting for a young child.  As a parent it is vital your child is comfortable with their tutor and Sally-Jayne has been very approachable therefore we will continue a happy journey to success with tutoring from Sally-Jayne.
Mrs Jutla

I would strongly recommend Sally-Jayne Braisby as a tutor.  We have been using Sally-Jayne for the last year, and she is a lovely lady who has helped my daughter in Maths and Literacy leading up to her Year 6 Sats.  My daughter left with all level 5s and one level 6 in her subjects and I believe this was down to Sally-Jayne’s hard work and one to one time.  She is friendly and helpful.
Mrs S Mand

I would definitely recommend Sally-Jayne, She is very patient and has  helped my son where I have found it difficult to explain to him, when it comes to doing his homework etc. His handwriting has also improved, and he is desperate to get his pen license at school. I just wish we could have her to come and tutor a lot more. Unfortunately once a week is all we can manage at the moment.
Gail Holsey

Sally-Jayne is very versatile,having a number of strings to her bow. Whilst providing regular supply teaching across the primary age range, she ran dance and Spanish out-of-school clubs with measurable success. In more recent years Sally-Jayne has provided weekly PPA cover, delivering a successful programme of French across both Key Stage 1 and 2. She has developed very good working relationships with staff, and commands respect from the pupils. Sally-Jayne always arrives well-prepared and has the capacity to think on her feet when called upon to cover a class at very short notice. I have no hesitation in recommending Sally-Jayne for supply work, PPA cover and out of school clubs.
A.V. Brennan, Head Teacher, Holy Name Catholic Primary School

Sally-Jayne has been employed by the school for two years. In that time she has had a fantastic impact on pupil progress in reading, writing and maths, as a result of her one-to-one tuition. Sally-Jayne worked with approximately 40 Year 5 and Year 6 targeted pupils during the two years, and each one has made at least one sub-level progress by the end of the 10 hour program.  I would recommend Sally-Jayne because she is extremely professional and excellent at supporting children to make progress quickly, but most importantly giving them the skills to do it independently, long term, on a day-to-day basis.
Alison Bhardwaj, Deputy Head Teacher, Kings Rise Primary School

It is a pleasure to have Mrs Braisby as a teacher. Mrs Braisby is a schoolteacher, and she is the perfect tutor to have for your child. After a few months my daughter had the willpower to want to work better in her lessons at school, and she had the confidence to achieve higher levels. I was so impressed with how my daughter was progressing in and out of school, I would highly recommend Mrs Braisby to anyone. She is not only a good tutor, but also a nice person.
Mrs S Nesbitt

I approached Sally-Jayne as my daughter has been struggling with all elements of Key Stage One. My daughter has a working diagnosis of autism, however, Sally-Jayne suggested that she may be a kinesthetic learner and this could be a reason why she was not progressing, as the primary school my daughter attends teaches phonics using only auditory and visual methods. Sally-Jayne helped us enormously with different activities we can engage in to suit the type of learner my daughter is and also suggested a number of excellent websites where we could pick up ideas. We have put a lot of Sally-Jayne’s suggestions in place and my daughter is slowly improving and gaining more confidence with reading, writing and numeracy. We are truly grateful to Sally-Jayne as without her help and advice my daughter would still be struggling.
Diane Watson

It is with great pleasure that I recommend Sally-Jayne Braisby.I have known her for twelve months whilst she has been tutoring my daughter, Ellie. Sally-Jayne has always displayed a high degree of integrity, responsibility and commitment.  In addition to her excellent scholastic accomplishments, she has proven her teaching ability by significantly improving Ellie’s grades. I am so pleased with Ellie’s development, I have asked Sally-Jayne to tutor my eight year old son.In my opinion, Sally-Jayne would improve any child’s development and I am happy to give her my wholehearted endorsement.
Mrs Marie Smith

My son has been tutored by Mrs Braisby since Oct 2009 and his grades have improved so much.When he was first assessed in October, he was at Level 3, and although his school didn’t actually sit the sats, he did do practise papers and his results show he is now at Level 5. He has gained the confidence to tackle anything now at school and teachers are really pleased with his grades. He also feels much happier himself.  We, as parents, are thrilled with his results, and we now have his younger brother also being tutored by Mrs Braisby.
Mrs J Cole