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If you want to amaze your teachers or friends, here are some strange but true facts about animals.

1)      If Cockroaches give you the creeps you’ll be delighted to know that they feel exactly the same way about us. After being touched by a human, cockroaches run away and hide and wash themselves thoroughly.

2)      There are fish in the Amazon Rainforest called anableps whose eyes are divided into two parts so that they can see above and below the water at the same time.

3)      Honey bees have to fly around 88,500 Km to make just under ½ Kg of honey.

4)      Swifts sleep in the air. They can shut down just half of their brain so they can sleep without hitting the ground.

5)      The Arctic Tern flies further than any other migrating bird. It travels about 71,000 Km per year which is more than 2 million kilometres in its lifetime.

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