George and the Beast

This post was written as part of the 100 word challenge at Julia’s place. It’s my second attempt, because after reading the others I realised I had really wimped out the first time by not attempting to write about George and the Dragon.

George and his dragon made a clever team.
They travelled through the lands both far and near.
They had a plan that worked just like a dream:
The beast breathed fire and made the people fear…
He stole their cattle and their pretty girls,
Committed the most fearsome of deeds.
Then while the townsfolks’ minds were in a whirl,
Young George rode in upon his trusty steed.
He said that he could leave this beast for dead,
But it would cost at least a hundred crowns.
Then with his sword raised high above his head,
He charged and chased the beast right out of town.

After sharing out their loot, with smiles so smug
The two set off to find the next poor mugs.