N is also for….News

NDo you know who the Prime Minister is?  What does the government do?  Who’s the President of the USA?

It’s amazing how many people don’t know the answers to questions like these.  Not just children, but adults too.  That’s really not a good thing, because it’s important for everyone to know what’s going on in the world around us for many reasons.

Information like this isn’t usually taught in school, though, so you need to find it out for yourself.  You can ask your parents if you want to know something, but one of the best ways to know what’s happening in the world is by watching the news on TV or reading a newspaper.  This probably sounds like quite a hard thing to do, but don’t worry.  The news can be complicated, even for adults, and that’s why there are news programmes and magazines especially for younger people.  Check out www.bbc.co.uk/newsround, or ask your parents if you can get “First News” from the supermarket or newsagent

If you think the news might not be much fun, yes there are some very serious topics sometimes, but there’s lots of enjoyable stuff too, about subjects you’ll probably be quite interested in like space, nature, sport, or entertainment.  You’ll be amazed how many unusual or funny things happen around the world every day!

Knowing what’s happening in the world is useful to help you understand who important people in the world are, what they do, what different parts of the world are like and why things happen.  But it can help your school work too.  Information from the news will make PHSE lessons easier to understand, the different stories, characters and situations you find out about from the news are things you can use in your creative writing, you will be better at non-fiction writing, especially reports and persuasive writing styles, and your speaking and listening skills will improve by hearing lots of different people talk about their opinions.

Keep up to date with the news and it will help you be well-informed, smart and better at your school work.  Who knows, one day people might be seeing you on the news doing something important in the world.

Thanks again to Ian Braisby, Blue Badge Guide for this post

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