The Language Show Live 2012 – What I learnt from everyone else

Unfortunately, it is impossible to attend all of the seminars at the Language Show – there are so many, and they all clash. I fitted in five seminars on the Saturday (the lady at the CPD desk was amazed!) but there were still so many that sounded interesting that I couldn’t fit into the day.

The next best thing is to read other people’s blog accounts of the ones they went to, and so that’s what I’m doing.  As and when I find good ones, I’ll link them back here.

To start off with, here are three excellent posts from Clare Seccombe: Saturday seminars, Multilingual Awareness and Short Sharp Repetition.

Here is European Digital Kitchen in their own words: Can a Kitchen Teach Languages?

And here is Jen Turner on creating an app for the MFL classroom.

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