The Future-future perfect

While listening to a podcast the other day it’s suddenly struck me that now that we have the internet and podcasts and the like, we can play around with language more than ever before.

The host of the podcast said, with no sense that this was unusual, “I have a book coming out and by the time you hear this, it will have been published tomorrow.”  I love the idea that nowadays an action can have been completed in the future. I’m not sure what we should call this tense – the future-future perfect perhaps?

H is also for… Holidays

H is for...Holidays are important for resting, relaxing, having fun and seeing your friends. You need to do that because playing with your friends is just as important as learning.

However, summer holidays are long and you might forget a lot of the things you do in school if you don’t practice them.

Try to set aside a little time each day to do something useful. Maybe you could read, or write a diary of what you have been doing. Perhaps you could get someone to make a cake with you so that you can practise weighing out the ingredients, or you could download one of these pocket-money priced games to practise your times tables.

Whatever you choose to do, you will find that just 20 minutes a day will make all the difference when you go back to school.

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