O is also for…. Opportunities

o is forYou’ll get lots of opportunities at school to do things outside of lessons. There will be art clubs, and language clubs, music lessons, debating societies, chess clubs….and a whole lot of other things.

Last year I spoke to some Year 5 children who went along to a school lunchtime club part way through the year, just because their friend who went had been nagging them to try. They hadn’t started at the beginning of the year because they thought it would be boring. When they got there, they loved it and they kept going to the end of the school year. They said that they really wish they had started going as soon as the club started, and that in future they’d try as many clubs as possible to see whether they enjoyed them.

That sounds like a good idea to me. My advice would be to take all of the opportunities you can, while you can, because once you leave school it becomes harder to find those opportunities. Try everything, even if you think you won’t like it, because you never know when you might discover a new interest or talent.

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