Maths and English

I provide a friendly, personal and professional private tuition service in the comfort of your own home. By working one-to-one, I can tailor tuition to suit each individual’s needs. I offer tuition in English and maths for both children and adults, including trainee teachers needing some help to pass the professional skills test.


I can tutor children between Y3 and Y8 and sessions can be for either maths or English (also known as literacy in schools). I begin by finding out where your child’s strengths and weaknesses lie, so that I can tailor future sessions to their needs. All tutoring is flexible and can take account of any specific issues or difficulties encountered by the child at school.

Whenever possible I use games and practical activities to make learning fun – a vital element when working outside of normal school hours. I also make use of multisensory activities, which is of benefit to all children, but is of particular help to children with dyslexia or who have other additional needs.

As well as general tuition for children who need a bit of extra help, I also offer SATs specific tuition. For some children the SATs can be a time of stress. My aim is to take away the fear factor by ensuring that children know what to expect, and by improving their confidence. Tuition is tailored to each individual child, but will include: regular assessments to see which areas your child needs help in, targeted help in those areas of weakness or uncertainty, practice at previous SATs papers and practice with SATs style questions.

If you’d like to discuss how I can help your child, get in touch.


As an adult you may have lots of different reasons for wanting to learn maths and English. Perhaps you want to be able to be able to write your own shopping lists and understand your household finances; perhaps you want to help your children or grandchildren with their homework but you are confused with by the new methods used in schools, or perhaps you just want to regain your confidence before returning to the workplace after a long break.

Whatever your reasons, I can tailor a course in maths or English to suit your needs and work with you in your own home. If you want to learn, or relearn, maths and English skills, but find the thought of going back into a classroom too intimidating, get in touch to see how I can help you.

Professional Skills Tests

Passing the Professional Skills Tests is an essential step in the process towards qualifying as a teacher. However, for those who haven’t really thought about maths or English since passing their GCSEs at the age of 16, these skills test can seem daunting.

I can work with you on the types of questions you are finding difficult and help you to understand how to approach them, giving you the confidence to take the tests and to begin your training for a new and rewarding career.

Get in touch to see how I can help you.