Shrove Tuesday

The word shrove comes from the Old English word shrive meaning penance. It’s the day before Ash Wednesday which is the first day of Lent a time of fasting. The date changes each year as it is dependent on the lunar cycle but it occurs 47 days before Easter Sunday.

Originally Shrove Tuesday was the day for using up all the eggs, butter and sugar left in the house before doing without during Lent. Now also known as Pancake Day, the day is a good excuse for eating pancakes! Traditional fillings are sugar and lemon juice, but you can go as plain or as exotic as you like. My personal favourite is banana and chocolate sauce, with just a touch of whipped cream on top!

The “proper” way to cook a pancake is to fry one side, and then to toss it in the air so that it flips over and catch it back in the pan to fry the other side. This method has led to pancake races where the competitors have to run and toss a pancake at the same time. First to cross the finish line with their pancake still intact and in the pan is the winner!