R is also for … Research

RSometimes your teacher will ask you to research a topic. This means that you have to find out about that topic. There are three things you should remember if you are asked to research.

1)    Books are a really good source of information, so don’t just rely on the internet – go to the library and have a look at some books as well.

2)    Not everything you read on the internet is true. When you are looking for information on the internet, have a look at at least three different websites. If they all give the same information then it is probably correct. If one of them gives different information then you need to look at some more websites to check what it says.

3)    You shouldn’t just print off the pages, or copy what it says word for word. You might not know, but this is the same as stealing – it’s stealing somebody else’s words and there are laws against it. When you have looked at three or more websites, you should write down what you have found out in your own words and write down which websites you had a look at.

If you remember to do all of these things your teacher will be very happy because you will be showing her that you understand how to find information from more than one place, and by writing it in your own words it shows that you have learnt something and that you have understood it.

Happy researching and good luck with your research homework!

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