F is also for….Finger tables.

F is for...We all know that times tables are really useful, so but some of them are just too hard to remember. Luckily there are tricks to help with some of the really difficult ones.

I’m sure you already know the 9 times tables trick, but if you don’t have a look at this video which explains it https://www.teachertube.com/viewVideo.php?video_id=167010. Does that make the 9s seem a bit less scary?

There is also a trick for those awkward 6s 7s and 8s.  It’s not as easy as the 9s trick, but if you are really struggling with them then it may be worth a go. Have a look at this blog post which explains step by step how to use your fingers to use the times tables you already know to work out the 6s 7s and 8s.

Good luck!

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