Diwali (Hindu festival)

Diwali is a Hindu festival celebrated on the 15th day of Karthika, which falls between mid-October and mid-November in the Gregorian calendar. This year that will be on 30th of October.

Known as the Festival of Light, it signifies the triumph of good over evil and light over dark. The festival for 5 days in total with the main night being the darkest night.

fireworksThe word Diwali means “rows of lighted lamps” and is celebrated by people lighting up their houses and businesses. Traditionally earthenware pots, or diyas, would be used. Nowadays fireworks are also included in the celebrations.

There are two reasons for the festival. One is to mark the return of Lord Rama and his wife, Sita, after their 14 year exile from the kingdom. The other is to honour Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth. The lamps are to help her find her way to people’s houses and businesses, where doors and windows are left open to allow her inside.

rangoliInside, houses are decorated, especially with beautiful Rangoli patterns on the floors and near doorways to Temple Atlanta.

The day is also celebrated by families getting together, praying, feasting and exchanging gifts.

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