Christmas Wishes

As you all know by now, instead of sending Christmas cards, Ian and I prefer to use the money we would have spent on cards and stamps to help others in some way.

You may remember that last year we paid for John and Eddie, a homeless man and his dog, to spend a few nights in a hostel over the Christmas period and bought him a couple of presents to unwrap. Thanks to the generosity of family and friends who also contributed, John was able to stay in the hostel for over a week which entitled him to extra support from the hostel. We haven’t seen him for several months now, but the last time we did speak to him, the hostel were helping him to find accommodation of his own and to claim some benefits. We’re both hoping that the fact we don’t see him anymore means that he is finally off the streets and enjoying life.

This year we have decided to donate to the National Deaf Children’s Society. I’ve been working in a school for deaf children for a couple of years now and so have see first hand the difficulties deaf people face and the importance of the support or organisations such as this one.

We wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Sally-Jayne and Ian