It’s all about the little things

7th June
This week started well. We had some friends from New Zealand staying and we took them for a walk around RSPB Sandwell. We saw long-tailed tits (which I’d never seen before), lapwings, cormorants and a pair of buzzards. We also spent some time near Swan Pool watching the fish stirring the water up as they chased each other around. We saw perch (identified by their distinctive dorsal fin) and carp (identified by a friendly fisherman)!

8th June
Monday was another pleasant day spent in the countryside. We visited Chatsworth, and after visiting the house we enjoyed strolling around the grounds and enjoying the views across the Peak District. We saw chaffinches and rabbits, a few fish (possibly sticklebacks) in one of the ponds. It was interesting to chat about the similarities and differences between our wildlife and that in New Zealand.

9th June
It was back to work which again made everything more difficult. By the time I’ve done my day job and then my evening job there’s little time for nature. But on the way home a little moth somehow ended up in the car. It was tiny – only about the size of my fingernail – but I still wasn’t happy when it landed on my cheek. Instead of quickly brushing it off like I usually would though, I held my breath, sat still and waited for it to fly away on its own. It was a bit tickly but otherwise ok. I can’t promise I’d do that for a bigger moth though!

10th June
Another busy day for me with both day and evening jobs, but my lovely husband found time for a quick stroll in a local park, and he brought me some leaves and pine cones back with him. We looked the leaves up and identified them (we think) as Rowan and Wych Elm.

11th June
Today I took advantage of the good weather to have my personal raining session outside. I always do that when it’s warm and dry enough, and often I’m lucky enough to see blue tits and greenfinches. There was nothing to be seen on this occasion, but although the birds remained hidden, they did sing beautifully.

12th June
Another long day – 8am to 7.30pm – so difficult to find the time for nature, but I did open the windows and enjoy the birdsong while I was setting my classroom up.

13th June
It’s been raining none-stop so far today and I haven’t been outside yet. I watched a wagtail land on the tree outside my window though. He clearly wasn’t impressed by the rain either as he hopped underneath a large cluster of leaves, and then shook himself out just like a dog would. I’ve never seen a bird do that before, so I found it fascinating. Eventually the rain eased off a little and he flew away.

The two full days outside at the beginning of this week were great, and I love doing things like that, but this week has been all about the stolen moments and the little things.