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When is a test not a test?

It’s amazing what a difference a word makes. Say the word “test” and people fly into a panic: I don’t know it! I can’t remember it! I hate tests! This year, instead of doing tests at the end of a … Continue reading

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M is also for … Mistakes

Everybody makes mistakes.  I do, your parents do, your teachers do and I’m sure you do, too.  Of course, nobody likes making mistakes and they wish they hadn’t made them, but really they are nothing to be worried about or … Continue reading

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Learning Chinese

As readers of this blog will know, I love learning new things.  Last summer I spotted an advert for a course in Chinese for primary school teachers, and as MFL (modern foreign languages) is my specialist subject, I decided to … Continue reading

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The Difference Between Teaching Children and Adults

I was once asked in an interview what I thought the difference was between teaching adults and teaching children. There is of course the obvious factor that adults are in a classroom because they want to be there and because, … Continue reading

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H is also for… Holidays

Holidays are important for resting, relaxing, having fun and seeing your friends. You need to do that because playing with your friends is just as important as learning. However, summer holidays are long and you might forget a lot of … Continue reading

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A is also for…Alliteration

This is when you have two or more words beginning with the same letter: The blue balloons burst with a bang! Sentences like this stand out in your writing and make your teacher think “Wow!” If possible, make the letter … Continue reading

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Literacy in a School for the Deaf

Lessons are taught in a mixture of English, SSE (Sign Supported English) and BSL (British Sign Language) depending on the subject being taught and the needs of the class. Literacy lessons are very visual. Just like in a mainstream school, … Continue reading

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