Supply and PPA

I provide regular or ad-hoc supply cover for PPA, management time, sickness and courses.

Why book me for your supply needs rather than your familiar agency?

The biggest advantage is that you know who will be coming to teach in your school. If you book me for supply or PPA cover, you get me – every time. So you can be confident that the person who teaches in your school has all the skills, experience and capabilities that you have read about on my website.

At the same time, you benefit from dealing direct with the teacher, rather than through a third party. This is particularly important in terms of communication, as you can give me all the information you want me to know, and I can ask any questions that come to mind to help things go smoothly. We can talk to one another directly, and there is no danger of information going missing as it is passed along the line.

Finally, there is a cost advantage too.  By dealing directly with me, you will not be paying high agency fees to get a supply teacher. Particularly for longer or regular bookings, this can represent a significant saving and free up funds to be used for other purposes in your school.

This is what you can expect:

If plans are left, I always use them to ensure continuity of teaching. If plans are not available, I will liaise with year partners or senior staff to get an idea of what the children have been working on and to make sure my teaching fits in with the normal timetable.  However, I am flexible and experienced enough to deliver stimulating and worthwhile lessons without guidance and always come to a school prepared with ideas for stand-alone lessons, including literacy and numeracy appropriate to the age group, so that in the unlikely event that there are no plans and nobody to advise, the children still benefit from a useful lesson.

I always mark any work done by the class and leave feedback for the class teacher so that they know how the children coped. I appreciate the importance of a school’s behaviour policy, and always endeavour to discover and apply the familiar system to minimise disruption for the class. I also use stickers and praise notes as extra incentives.

beatlesBy prior agreement, I can plan themed days based on a topic (such as Tudors, 1960s) or a language, and have done this successfully on several occasions in different schools.

I can teach all subjects from Foundation to KS2 and have an MFL specialism.  For more insight into my work as a supply teacher, read this interview at The Supply Teacher.