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Welcome to your blog. This is your space for your writing to appear online for people to read and comment on – just get your parents or teachers to email me a copy of your writing, and I’ll put it up here for you. Then you can tell your family and friends to read it and let you know what they think. I hope you enjoy using it. Don’t forget to read and comment on each other’s writing too.


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But when she lifted the lid…

One summer day Sandy was playing in her large flowery garden, when her friendly mum called her inside to greet the guests.  To her surprise one of the guests gave her a beautifully decorated box.  “Oh what is this for?” she asked.  One of the guests replied “open it and find out!”.  So Sandy scooted up the winding stairs into her colourful bedroom and sat on her bouncy bed, ready to open the box, but when she lifted the lid she got sucked into the box.  Capow! She was in a different world.  The ordeal was horrible and she felt peculiar, what is going to happen on this journey??

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William the Worm

My name is William the worm, I travel through the earth.  When I am pushing through the earth I have to be very careful of the birds because they might eat me.  Living underneath the ground, it is really dark and dirty.  There is a very bad odour where I live and it is not very hygienic.  I have lots of friends underneath the ground and they are worms just like me.  We all slither together through the wet and dirty mud.  My friend’s names are Jack, Mo and Fred.  When I have been pushing through the earth I end up in a different garden every time.

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A Letter to Michael Gove

Dear Michael Gove MP,

I am writing this letter to express my point of view about your decisions.

First of all I would like to complain about the longer days at school you have planned introduce. Nine hours a day is too long for children our age, as after we get home there would be no time for us to see our parents before bedtime. After-school there will be no time for clubs such as Scouts. This is important because we have no time for our own fun. In addition we will get over-worked and over-tired, which is not good for our health.

Secondly, I do not understand why you have decided to inspect our uniforms. This has nothing to do with education. If children worry about their uniform it is possible(and quite likely) that they will take more care of their uniform than their learning. I would be interested to hear your point of view on this.

Finally I would like to protest at the shorter holidays you may introduce. If we only have a few weeks holiday it may lead us having less fun- you cannot learn fully without controlled fun.

I wish you a pleasant time, and hope you are well.

Kind Regards


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I was sound asleep in my bed when suddenly at four ’o’ clock in the morning, I was woken by lots of noise and bright lights in my back garden. I woke my parents up and they went to have a look. There was a huge space ship at the bottom of my garden. Two by two aliens were coming out of the space ship. Then there was hundreds of them. We quickly called the police for help. All of a sudden meetings were held across the country to find an answer as to how to send the aliens back to space. I asked my mummy why are they here? My mummy said “maybe they are here to take over the planet”.  Police from all over the country were making a plan so we all had to wait to see what happens next…

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The Flood

…..but all we could see was water……drip by drop went the wavy water, hitting our house. It was terrifying to be in the drowning water what next?

“Help, help!” said the whispering voice from beneath the soggy sofa. My little sister was trapped in the flood. Everyone climbed over the drenched, wet obstacles to get to her.

Eventually help arrived and we were all rescued by the emergency services.  All the families in our neighborhood were given a shelter each.  Eventually the flooding water rose higher and higher, and I was screaming.  We lost everything that belonged to us, we wailed continuously.

After the rain settled, we had lots of help from friends and family. Eventually we all had enough power to build our houses again.

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Stinky Shoes

In an old, dusty house there lived a very unhygienic lady. This lazy lady left her bright pink shoes in the porch because they were too rancid and stinky to be inside. When the lady left to watch T.V the watery sweat from the shoes drooled over the side and made a big puddle. Suddenly she smelt her shoes so she scooted into the porch and sprinted to the kitchen. She dropped her shoes in the sink and washed them a lot. When she put them back on, her feet scrunched up because the shoes shrank in the dryer.


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Lion Takes a Trip to School – by Jordan

Jordan1 Jordan2

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Party Time

Getting dressed for school, I can’t wait to tell my five friends about my mini party this Saturday night!

“Guess what? You are invited to my fantastic party, and only you five are allowed!”

“OMG! I can’t wait, what time is it?” bellowed Arran joyfully.

Preparing snacks and drinks for my five special guests. I put them on the table and heard the bell ring. When i opened the door I saw a massive mob of people outside.

Aggressively they pushed me out of the way and started to dance. The noise was deafening!

There was a knock at the door and I peered through the peep hole … it was mum and dad.


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Lunch on the Moon

Seeing a small, chubby kid stepping down from a weird flying-machine, Bob was petrified.

“What do you want here? Don’t kill me! Kill my friends instead,” Bob yelled.

“l mean no harm,” Ben said calmly.

Although Ben offered Bob a juicy, strawberry-jam sandwich, Bob declined. Slowly Ben got out his delicious sandwich and started to eat it, while the jam was dripping on the floor.

Excitedly Bob jabbed his finger where the jam was dripping and licked it. He thought he was in heaven.

“Hey child, could l have a sandwich please?” They sat and had a lovely lunch together.

By Max

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Out of the Blue – by Jordan

Whilst on holiday in Hawaii, Princess Paula was enjoying the anonymity the place provided, because she was able to go shopping by herself, and simple things such as enjoying a luxuriously creamy Irish coffee, without hoards of people crowding her.  One day, a man named Andy was also on vacation in Hawaii.  The princess and Andy were having coffee in the same café.  Andy walked up to her and started a conversation.  He said things like “What’s your job?”, “What’s your favourite food?”, “What’s your favourite colour?”

He was so entranced in her sapphire like eyes and her cascading blonde hair, to even listen to her sweet little voice, which sounded like birds cheeping on a hot summer’s day.  They instantly fell in love with each other.

They flew back that very day to tell their parents about them falling in love.  Andy’s parents were overjoyed, but Paula’s family wasn’t, apart from her mom who was very happy for her.  Her father was so enraged he threw a table at her and said “You are the stupidest girl ever.  As he thundered his voice seemed to shake the very foundations of the colossal castle.  Fortunately the table missed and shattered into a million pieces.  After that her dad sent her away to Brazil hoping to part there love.

Whilst Paula was away in Brazil the wicked king puts his plan in to action to get Andy arrested.  He orders his guards to launch an attack on Andy’s place of work, hoping to cause him as much pain and as much humiliation as possible, to bring him down.  Shockingly enough he said he would go with the guards willingly not wanting to inflict any more pain and suffering on his closest friends.  Feeling dejected he followed the mean pompous guards in silence.  When they reached the palace the king ordered him to be thrown in the dungeon under the sand.  The preposterous smell in the dungeons seemed to permeate everywhere.  After several weeks in the dungeon having nothing but stale bread and limited fresh water he despaired of seeing the light of day again.

When the Princess heard of what her father had done from her faithful lady in waiting, she was as mad as a bull when it sees red.  Deciding there and then she wanted to spend the rest of her life with Andy even if it means losing her father, she disobeyed her guardian in Brazil and swam gracefully through the turquoise sea on a mission to rescue Andy.

Going through a secrete passage she eventually found Andy lying on the floor.  Picking him up, she swam to the surface, and emerged out of the crystal blue sea with Andy in her arms.

Seeing this dramatic event her father realised how desperately his daughter loves Andy.  He rushes down to help them both and gives them both his blessing and a hug.

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