Maths and English for children

I begin by finding out where your child’s strengths and weaknesses lie, so that I can tailor future sessions to their needs. All tutoring is flexible and planned sessions can be adapted to take account of any specific issues or difficulties encountered by the child at school. Whenever possible I use games and practical activities to make learning fun – a vital element when working outside of normal school hours.
Sessions can be for just maths, just English or Literacy, or a combination of the two.
Tutoring can be effective in a variety of situations, and I can cover many of these including:

  • maths and English support for children in years 3 to 6
  • support for children in KS3 who are working at or below level 5
  • tuition to stretch children working at above average levels
  • catch up sessions for children who have missed particular topics at school
  • short-term tuition on specific topics presenting particular difficulty.
  • support for children with dyslexia or dyscalculia