I have developed well-structured and motivational lesson programmes for teaching in schools. I always celebrate any home languages the children have and use these to facilitate language teaching where possible. I use a range of resources from flashcards to rock songs, and I can of course use an Interactive Whiteboard effectively. I can deliver language teaching in schools in various ways. To see how I can help your school with language teaching, contact me by phone or email.

Long-term courses: I can teach French and Spanish across the four years of KS2, so that each year the children build on their knowledge from previous years. Children progress from words and phrases, such as greetings and introductions, to being able to create their own sentences and hold short conversations. I motivate children ma famille 2by making the language as relevant to their lives as possible and by including elements of the culture in lessons so that the children learn about the people and countries where the language is spoken.

Short term courses: these language taster courses usually last for half a term each and focus on simple words and phrases such as greetings, introductions and numbers. They are aimed at children in KS1 or lower KS2, and schools can choose from French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, German, British Sign Language, Dutch, Latin, Mandarin Chinese and Maori.