It’s all about the stolen moments

This week has been a busy one but we’ve still managed to fit in a few “wild things”.

We’ve walked to the end of our garden every day and stood looking up into the trees. On one of the evenings we were treated to a family of tits, fluttering around together on the lower branches of the trees, before flying upwards to settle down for the night.

On another of the evenings we enjoyed the sunset from the comfort of our living room. It faces just the right way for watching the sunset, and we get some quite spectacular ones, made even more beautiful by their sharp contrast to our urban surroundings.

On another evening again we sat in the bedroom looking out over the back garden. It’s a completely different perspective from upstairs as the tree tops are so much closer to eye level. We spotted a blackbird sitting right at the top of a tree at the end of the garden – we never would have seen him from ground level – and enjoyed watching a couple of crows cosy up together towards the top of the next door neighbour’s conifer.

We finished the week off by taking advantage of a small gap in between two of my tutoring sessions  to have a quick walk in Sutton Park, where we took pleasure in the shade of the towering, leafy trees.

This week has been all about the stolen moments.